Julia Mielke is the founder of Barron Canyon Apparel.

She was raised on Barron Canyon Road, which is the access point into Algonquin Park at Sand Lake Gate. She spent every day in Algonquin Park's backyard surrounded by wildlife and the beauty of each season. She grew up taking day trips into the Park fishing at Lake Travers with her dad and brother, and hiking the Barron Canyon Trail in the fall with her mom. She would even come home every summer when she was in college to work down the road at the Algonquin Portage Store and Outfitters.

Entrepreneurship is part of her DNA. Both of her parents own and operate their own businesses, so when it came time to figure out her own career path, she knew that founding her own business was bound to happen. 

She established her graphic design business back in 2013 called Julabrand Design Co. and has since shifted gears to focus on e-commerce brands building Shopify websites.

Barron Canyon Apparel combines her design skill and her story. This is where she comes from. Even though she no longer lives on Barron Canyon Road, she visits her parents (who still live in her childhood home) all the time and still has a few connections to the Park. She has also found her own slice of paradise living on the Petawawa River with her little family.

Always take the scenic route!